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Online COVID-19 Upskilling Training Platform – Q & As

What is the aim of Online covid19 upskilling program?

To develop and enhance the awareness and knowledge of health professionals in the healthcare sector and participants who might be supporting the ICU team.

What are the competencies or learning outcomes of this course?

The competencies or learning outcomes of the course have been developed to demonstrate achievement of theoretical learning in the vital areas of patient care. The Content has been modelled under ten modules and each module will have certain topics to be completed by each participant.

Is this program only applicable to adult ICU or PICU & NICU?

This program is designed for all ICU clinicians and everyone can benefit from it.

Will this training will make us eligible or certified as an ICU health professional?

No, this training is aiming toward enhancing the participant’s skill and knowledge in ICU.

How can we sign up for the upskilling program?

Each facility will be assigned an admin account and the facility can invite healthcare professional in their facility for registration and training. A facility can invite as many clinicians as they want.

How to register a facility?

(a) The facility needs to send to DOH the following: Facility Name, Admin/Contact’s Name & Contact’s Email.

(b) The Facility admin will be able to register trainees from his own facility.

Will the participants be charged to attend this course?

No, the training is free of charge courtesy of the DOH.

Will the participants get any CME’s credited hours after completing this course?

Yes, the participants will get CME’s credited hours for every module as per table below.


CME Hours

Module 1 – Behavioural competencies in the ICU


Module 2 – Infection Control & BLS, ACLS protocol updates


Module 3 – Pharmacology of ICU Medicines


Module 4 – Sepsis & COVID update


Module 5 – Assessment and interpretation for ICU


Module 6 – Invasive procedures in ICU


Module 7 – Management of common cardio-respiratory emergencies


Module 8 – Advanced pulmonary procedures in the critical care


Module 9 – ECMO & CRRT


Module 10 – Care outside of ICU


How can I follow up on my progress on the system?

Participants will establish an online account through our online e-learning platform which will become their own learning management system portal. All courses they complete will be recorded, results of each test captured, and online verifiable certificates stored.

What is the passing score for this course?

All e-learning modules will require a minimum of 80% to pass in post test.

Does this portal has a system to report this to the DOH?

The portal will be able to provide necessary information and progress to the Department of Health.

Who is this course mandatory, optional for?

  • Module 1-5 is Mandatory for all healthcare professionals
  • Module 1-10 is Mandatory for healthcare professionals working in the ICU or who may be called to work in the ICU
  • Optional for Physicians licensed by the DOH as Critical Care Medicine Specialist or Consultant and Nurses licensed by the DOH as Critical Care Nurse as per Unified Healthcare PQR

How do I will get help if I face any difficulty in accessing the course content?

  • You can fill the form, mention the issue faced and click the submit button. Our Support Team will contact you and solve it at the earliest.
  • Alternately, you can directly mail your concerns to

Do we need to finish the whole training or we can do certain modules only?

  • Please refer to questions above.

Does this training have a timeline to be completed?

  • Yes, the online academic upskilling program consists of 10 modules which the participants need to complete before 31 March 2021.


The information given in the Online COVID-19 Upskilling is designed only to provide an update on the existing practices and treatment guidelines. It is neither a substitute or replacement to the prevailing management guidelines or standard protocols nor authorizes anyone to get involved in patient care based on the knowledge gained from this upskilling course. Prior qualification, permission, privileges and licensing as per the Department of Health (DoH) regulations is a mandatory requirement to work in any department/area where medical care is to be provided to patients.

The content provided is strictly the personal views and understanding of the contributors and does not represent the position of DoH for diagnosing or treating any medical conditions. The information given is not comprehensive and does not cover all aspects of the ailment, disease, procedure and physical conditions, or their treatment. For management of any condition or performing any procedure, consult and follow the standard guidelines from the concerned physician, nurse, or facility manager.

All the references are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement of any website or other sources.

The users should be aware that the content mentioned in the Online COVID-19 Upskilling may constantly change.