Module 2 – Update on Essential Training and Infection Control

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All Clinicians working in ICU are expected to have current knowledge of Basic and Advanced Life Care Skills guidelines to revive unresponsive and cardiac arrest patients. This concept is linked with the ability to modify the techniques by keeping abreast with recent advances in this field. The best way is to study synapses of the guidelines from ILCOR, Australian and European Guidelines in Basic Life Support with special considerations arising due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

At a hospital level, Principles of Asepsis, Sterilization, Standard Safety precautions are linked to reduction in Nosocomial Infection and better patient outcome. And that will be our focus in this module.


Upon conclusion of this module, participants should be able to have better understanding:

  • The Sequence of Events and COVID-19 Prevention Strategies in resuscitation protocols of BLS and ACLS
  • Principles of Asepsis and Standards of Universal Precaution
  • Epidemiology and impact of Hospital Acquired Infection
  • Biomedical Waste Management, Laboratory Hazards, Accidents and Exposures


Jaya Pradhan DMD MPH MD
Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology,
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, USA

Director Intensive Care Unit, Liverpool Hospital
Member ILCOR, Advisor Gov’t of Australia
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

Meena Nathan Cherian MBBS MD
Prof. of Anesthesia and Critical Care
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Canada
Director, Emergency and Surgical Care program
GFMER, Geneva, Switzerland